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The Power of I AM and the Law of Attraction

"We are, and attract into our lives, what we think, say and believe about ourselves and our perceived reality."  EMBRACE THE POWER OF THE "I AM" YOUR NEW LIFE IS WAITING.  R.J. Banks has gathered knowledge from his extraordinary life using The Power of the I AM and the Law of Attraction to help hundreds of thousands of Americans break the cycle of being pulled and pushed by the unknown commands on the Law of Attraction.  Instead of philosophical words, he gives the reader practical steps to help them get a natural power already hidden within.  To understand the meaning of the power of "I AM" and the "Law of Attraction," you need to know where to find it.  R. J. Banks reveals where to find it, how you can get it, and how to use it 'at will' for whatever you desire.

In this book, the I AM's words reveal themselves in a whole new light.  They allow you to understand and explore a new, natural, empowered side of yourself unknown under any other avenue other than this book.  Once you learn to possess this power, your life will never be the same.  DISCOVER YOUR POWER.  EMPOWER YOUR LIFE.  CONTROL YOUR DESTINY.

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Gen X:  A Manual For The Generation of Masterminds and Lost Minds REVISED

Gen X: A Manual For The Generation of Masterminds and Lost Minds REVISED continues to showcase the brood, born between the 1960s and the late 1980s, given the banal moniker Generation X, is in fact a multitude of MASTERMINDS who have gone on to revolutionize the tech, food, music, entrepreneurial, political, and social industries. Today's focus has been on the plight and future of Baby Boomers and Generation Y. Being squeezed from both above and below, Shonté Jovan Taylor felt the need to place Gen X back into water cooler conversations. No longer will they suffer from the Middle Child Syndrome. Their place in society is NOW and their contributions have been game changing.

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You were born with everything you need for success. The only thing standing in the way of you opening the door to a lifetime of opportunities is having the RIGHT KEY. E=MC2 has been hidden and right in plain view. This book explains E=MC2. When you learn the secret of E=MC2 and its relationship to you, you will understand why knowing its secrets are necessary for everyone seeking any success in life.

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Beauty Secret Blues

Mabel Holms, aka Big Mamma is obsessed with power. Her every motivation is to get money and more power. She was determined to never return to the impoverished life she grew up in. When she realized she could use her one asset to control men and get money, they became her weapon, and she waged war.

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Black Legends: The History and Stories of African Ancestry & African Americans in Silicon Valley

This history book will transform your view of African American History in Silicon Valley. It looks at the development and progress from all angles. It explores key events, important dates, and pivotal individuals. It shows how African Americans and people of African Ancestry were instrumental in many breakthroughs that have shaped the Silicon Valley story.


Packed with knowledge, this Collector’s Edition is illuminating and captivating.  It has layers of information and graphics that guide you through crucial moments from ancient history to modern times. It is visually stunning with images and timelines that complete the powerful and fascinating stories. 

Black Legends: The History and Stories of African Ancestry & African Americans in Silicon Valley is a testament to black people’s history, contributions, and successes in this area.

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HALO: Having Abundant Life Obstacles and Ordeals

What does it really mean when we experience HALOs?

When Having Abundant Life Obstacles and Ordeals, it might feel like life has thrown you a curveball or given you nothing but lemons. However, the book HALO brings you a new view of thinking and a different understanding led by looking at our life experiences in a new and extraordinary way.  

Once you have read HALO, you will never look at life from the same viewpoint again.

Cousins: Baby Language

Cousins: Baby Language, the first book from the Cousins Collection, is a hilarious book about family adventures from the perspective of Big J, a boy who goes from being the youngest child in his extended family to the oldest of the group. Venture with Big J as he discovers there is more to his family than he ever thought. A fun and perfect book for children learning the importance of family.


The Cousins Collection showcases six children and visualizes their extraordinary experience through everyday activities told through the eyes of a group of toddlers. Their life experiences are adorable and funny. Their imaginations are magical and become a pathway to many great adventures. 

It is a fun collection of books featuring six family members and their escapades as they experience life through family, fantasy, and fun.


Ray and Dee Lampkins bring laughter and encouragement to these very important family lessons, demonstrating that family can be an extraordinary adventure for parents and children.

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