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About the Crystal City Publishing

Welcome to Crystal City Publishing

Crystal City Publishing, LLC, is a small, selective, non-traditional publishing company. The mission of Crystal City Publishing is to serve our customers by publishing original, creative, and inspiring books and media which will empower and encourage imagination and expressive freedoms.

We enhance our mission by discovering, publishing, and marketing unknown and new authors and creating a unique publishing environment for all authors.

Our overall goal is to give a voice to creating a new harmonic world with the power of words and the creativity of writing. We seek to do this using positivity and promoting quality editorials, superior service, and profitability. The books, magazines, and projects we select carry out this mission.

Meet the Team



Our Team

Everett Lampkins

Marketing Director

Silva Causha

Marketing Team (Social Media)

Olivia Jayden


Tyron Roshantha


MD Rubel Howlader


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